Resellers and Trade Info

Join our reseller program and add our Mylights to your range of unique products.

Re-sellers Trade Info

Are you looking for a supplier who can provide excellent quality personalised LED light products with sensational service?  Then let Mylight look after your clients’ requirements.  Whether you are a gift shop, market stall seller, promotional company or a parent looking to make some extra money, we can provide you the opportunity to join our re-seller program.

Our Mylight re-seller program allows you to value-add to your businesses current product offerings with a no-fuss approach that provides a way of generating a healthy profit margin without much effort. Mylight currently provides its re-selling program to many small businesses throughout Australia.  You can be confident that we will keep our name out of all deliveries – because we can deliver directly to your client if you wish, which means that you don’t have to lift a finger.

If you are accepted into our reseller program, you will enjoy the benefits of our wholesale prices, which means that you have control over your margins.  After you get your wholesale reseller pricing structure, it is totally up to you to set the margins that your business requires.

You will enjoy many benefits including:

  • Direct shipping to you or directly to your client with no branding
  • Fast shipping (dispatch is usually within 5-10 business days)
  • Confidentiality
  • Reseller discounts on our Mylight product of up to 20%.
For more information on becoming a Re-seller please contact Mylight by email at