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Tips to encouraging better sleep habits for your kids

Night time routine

Tips to encouraging better sleep habits for your kids

Sleep has long been regarded as an influential factor in childhood development. Most parents would agree that getting a quality night’s sleep is crucial not only for their children but for them too!

A restless night in many households can throw off the entire routine for the following day. Leaving both parents and kids grumpy and on edge. Unfortunately, sleep problems are very common in young children.

“Today more than a third of school aged children experience sleep issues, which can significantly affect their cognitive ability and behavioural patterns,” says Dr Tony Tanious, an expert in family medicine from House Call Doctor.

The benefits of quality sleep for childhood development are astronomical and ensuring your little one is getting the right amount of sleep is highly important. “Sufficient sleep promotes growth and immunity, reduces cortisol and other stress hormones, plus it improves children’s attention spans,” says Dr Tanious.

“Adequate sleep is crucial for every child’s physical development and cognitive learning.” But what is the right amount of sleep for your child?

Recommended Sleep

According to the Sleep Health Foundation the amount of sleep children require depends on their age:

  • 0 - 3 months = 14 - 17 hours
  • 4 - 11 months = 12 - 15 hours
  • 1 - 2 years = 11 - 14 hours
  • 3 - 5 years = 10 - 13 hours


If your little one is struggling to get to sleep some nights or wakes often, there are some strategies your family can implement to try and help.

  1. Limit screens before bed

In today’s world of smartphones and tablets it may be difficult to cut back on screen time before bed. Although some educational shows may support cognitive development it is also important to monitor any negative impacts screens may be having on sleep patterns.

Whether it be watching TV right before bed or playing games on a handheld device, too much screen time before bed can impact sleep quality.

“Screens interrupt the body’s melatonin levels, which is the hormone responsible for our natural wake and sleep cycle,” says Dr Tanious. “Melatonin levels rise with darkness and are suppressed by the light of electronics, so screens can be a considerable disruption to sleep.”

  1. Identify behavioural issues

A common cause of sleep disturbances in children is behavioural issues such as not sleeping in their own bed, not settling, waking up during the night or struggling to wake in the morning.

A sleep specialist can help identify the causes of this but children generally grow out of these habits. In some cases they may be anxious about bedtime due to fear of the dark or nightmares. To assist with this try installing a night light. This can help children recognise their environment if they wake during the night and feel safe to fall asleep.

  1. Create a positive bedtime routine

A bedtime routine may help your child wind down after a busy day. This could last 30-60 minutes and should include activities associated with rest. Bubble baths, quiet reading or gentle music are good examples of ‘wind down activities’.

“Creating a bedtime routine for your child assists in developing a positive attitude towards sleep,” says Dr Tanious. “A nightly routine will allow your child’s body and mind to prepare for rest, which can help overcome behavioural issues associated with sleep.”

A big part of this routine should include associating the bedroom with only rest and not play. “Game consoles, computers and televisions in the bedroom can be a mental distraction even when not in use,” says Dr Tony. “Removing these items may stabilise your child’s melatonin levels, and make the bedroom a place associated with rest, rather than play.”


Rashoodz Swimwear For Babies And Children

Rashoodz Swimwear For Babies And Children

When two clever mums saw that there was a need for swimwear that addressed the needs of mums and their kids, Rashoodz was born. The result is the patented Rashoodz designed swimsuit that has a legionnaire’s hat attached to the collar by clips. This stops the little ones from taking their hat off constantly. If the hat does eventually manage to get taken off, it won’t be thrown from the pram never to be seen again, because it’s attached to the collar of the swimsuit.

One of the other important points of difference with Rashoodz swimwear is the clips in the crotch of the baby swimsuits, which allows for fuss-free nappy changes. And if you’re using one of our baby swim nappies underneath, you’ll never have to worry about leakages or embarrassing moments at the pool again!

Getting Back To Basics

Our Basics Range is super cute. The same great high quality of our Mid-Range but in plain cute colours. UPF50+, chlorine and fade resistant, this swimsuit will last and last. Matching award winning reusable swim nappy and swim hat available
Also available at Chemist Warehouse Stores across Australia.

The Questions We Get Asked The Most

Do I need to put a nappy under Rashoodz swim nappy?
And the answer is NO!

Rashoodz Reusable Swim Nappies

Rashoodz Swimwear has gold award winning reusable swim nappies that keep in wees and poos. Our reusable swim nappies have a polyurethane lining which acts as a barrier, preventing anything from escaping to where it shouldn’t. With a drawstring and gathered leg design they are comfortable and fit your bub perfectly without letting anything escape. We are so proud of our product that we regularly enter it into competitions judged by industry professionals and mummies themselves. Remember don’t change over the Rashoodz reusable swim nappy until right before entering the water. They only do their job when submerged.

How To Clean A Reusable Swim Nappy

Once bub has finished swimming and perhaps has done a wee or poo inside the swim nappy. Empty any yukky bits in to the toilet and flush away. Place the swim nappy into a protected bag for the trip home. When home and wash and it is ready to use again. Grab your reusable swim nappy today! 

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Love Rashoodz




Author: skinnymixer's
Type: Main
Cuisine: American
Serves: 8-10
Dry Rub Ingredients

20 g coconut sugar or brown sugar
15 g smoked paprika
15 g mild paprika
15 g cumin powder
10 g salt
½ tbsp mustard powder
½ tbsp onion powder
½ tbsp garlic powder
¼ tsp pepper
¼ tsp cayenne pepper
2 pinches of pimento or all spice
2.5 - 3kg beef short ribs or rindless pork belly cut into large chunks

Smokey BBQ Sauce Ingredients:

90 g water
30 g coconut sugar or brown sugar
30 g butter
120 g tomato sauce
10 g tamari or coconut aminos or worcestershire sauce
10 g apple cider vinegar
10 g lemon juice
1 tsp cacao powder or instant coffee
1 tsp smoked paprika


** Please note, this recipe requires overnight marinating**
Add all of the rub ingredients to the mixer bowl, blend for 10 sec/speed 9/MC on or combine in a bowl if you don't have a thermal cooker.
Put rub mixture and meat into a large container, coat meat with mixture thoroughly.
Refrigerate overnight, or a minimum of 2 hours.
Preheat oven to 150 degrees, fanforced.
Arrange meat on a deep roasting tray, cover with two layers of baking paper and then a final layer of alfoil.
Bake in the oven for 2.5-3 hours depending on thickness of meat. You want it to be tender and falling apart.
With 10 minutes remaining, prepare Smokey BBQ Sauce by putting all ingredients into the mixer bowl and cooking for 5 min/steaming temperature/speed 3/MC on. Bring to a gentle boil on the stove top if you don't have a thermal cooker.
Carefully drain off fat from the roasting tray and pour over bbq sauce. Turn oven up to 200 degrees, fan forced, and bake for 15 min or until sauce is just bubbling but not over reduced.
Serve immediately.

I used deboned short ribs. You can also use brisket etc... just adjust your cooking times appropriately, i.e. if your ribs arent very meaty or are small, check them at the 2 hour mark.

This recipe can easily be double or tripled depending on your ovens capacity.

Bellini Users
Use blunt blade for this recipe
At step 8 use ST temp if using an Intelli, use 120 degrees if using a Supercook.

3 Reasons Your Baby Will Benefit from a Nightlight

3 reasonms your child will benifit from sleeping with a nightlight

Sleep is just as important to your body as food. When it came to having my first child nothing prepared me for the lack of sleep due to night time feeds. As my baby grew into a toddler it was no longer that my child woke due to required night time feeds, but that they required comfort as they were scared of the dark! I am pleased to say that we are on a winning streak with the kids at the moment. They are all sleeping through the night with the help of their nightlight and the whole house hold was enjoying the benefits that come from a full night’s sleep.

There are many different sleep aids that can assist in helping your child to sleep soundly, nightlights are the most common, because it helps provide a continued calmness for the child throughout the night, creating longer sleep intervals.

In addition to the high likelihood of longer sleep intervals, here are 3 more reasons nightlights can be benificial.

  1. Doctors suggest night lights can boost a baby’s brain development

Today, the American Optometric Association recommends that parents leave a night light on in their baby's room to help boost visual development, particularly from birth to four months of age.

  1. It’s helpful for toddlers who begin to have nightmares

Often between the ages of 2-4 some children to develop a fear of the dark. Having a nightlight in their room has been proven to help them feel safer, ultimately making it easier for them to go to sleep and stay asleep.

  1. Parents and little tots can walk through a dark room more safely

Having a source of light can help you when it comes to checking on your little one. It is also essential for those early day when you need a small amount of light to see what you’re doing during night time feeds. Once your child is toilet trained a nigh light will help them find their way to the toilet.

In addition to vision development, night lights are practical for keeping light low during night-time feedings and diaper changes.

It is a good idea to spend a little bit more and get a light that does not require battery changes and is built with quality materials. If you have a good night light it may last forever. We recommend a custom made Mylight. Mylight specialises in creating beautiful night lights that are unique to your individual style and are built to last your child from the time they are a baby right into their teen years.


10 Comebacks for babies who don’t sleep.

We have all had the experience where we are completely exhausted by our babies lack of sleep. Lets face it, babies that done sleep well get a lot of bad press!

There is always that one mother at Mothers group who annoyingly has the best sleeper in the world. Just because our babies don’t sleep well, it does not make them bad babies. It is time to share the positive aspects of having a baby who does not sleep well.  These responses are brilliant.

1. PARENT: She is such a good baby. She goes to sleep as soon as I put her down in her cot.

YOU: My little one is such a good baby. She likes to sleep on me so I get a lot of cuddles. There is nothing nicer than feeling your baby’s heart beat in time with your own.


2. PARENT: We are so lucky with our baby boy. We can take him anywhere and he just sleeps in his pram the whole time.

YOU: We are lucky too! We can take our baby anywhere and she will stay awake the whole time gaining valuable stimulation and interaction. She

3. PARENT: We are blessed with our baby. She not only sleeps all night but takes regular naps during the day.

YOU: Our little one rarely sleeps during the day and wakes regularly during the night so we get all that extra time with her. We are so damn blessed.


4. PARENT: We can’t complain; our baby sleeps all day.

YOU: My baby doesn’t sleep during the day at all. But I didn’t go through ten months of pregnancy and childbirth just to look at a bundle in a Moses basket. So, I can’t complain.


5. PARENT: Oh baby still not sleeping? You look so tired. You poor thing!

YOU: She is still not sleeping but that isn’t why I am tired. It is all the activities you have to do with them! We have baby sensory games in the morning, followed by crafts and stories; then I cook an Annabel Karmel meal from scratch for lunch. In the afternoon we have singing, stimulating outdoor play and swimming lessons. Finally, I whip up an organic casserole for dinner, then it is on to a full body baby massage, more stories, bath and bedtime. This parenting game is rather exhausting isn’t it?

You look amazing by the way. Not tired at all!


6. PARENT: Oh dear is she still not sleeping? Maybe she is teething or hungry?

YOU: She is teething and hungry. In fact, that is the problem. She is so hungry she keeps eating her teeth. She is so clever.


7. PARENT: My baby is fantastic, she self-soothes herself to sleep.

YOU: My baby is fantastic. She likes me to sing and cuddle her to sleep. Which is great as one of the reasons I had a baby was to have something cute to cuddle.


8. PARENT: My baby is so considerate. She goes to bed really early giving me plenty of time to go to the gym and burn off that baby weight.

YOU: My baby is so considerate. She is helping me burn off the baby weight by letting me carry her around the house about 24 hours a day. In fact, I think I am fitter now than I was pre-pregnancy.


9. PARENT: Oh you let her sleep in your bed? You are making a rod for your own back there. She’ll never sleep on her own.

YOU: Never, really? NEVER? In that case I had better get a bigger bed. It is going to be a bit of a squeeze when she gets to 18.


10. PARENT: Have you tried putting her in her cot, turning out the light, shutting the door and leaving her to cry?

YOU: Err…no, because I quite like my baby.


These are some great ways to combat what can be a hard time. By thinking and responding positive you feel so much better.

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