Benefits of Purchase

Mylight means quality, eco friendly and style

As the parents of three children, we believe strongly in quality and environmental sustainability. We want our children to be able to experience the same natural wonders that we enjoy today, so we incorporate an eco-friendly approach into our night light manufacturing process. Our product is not made of plastic and is not a ‘disposable’ night light, like so many night lights on the market. Your child will grow up with one night light….. a Mylight.

There are so many benefits in having a Mylight night light! We have outlined just a few below:

  • Every Mylight night light is unique, just like your child. 
  • Having a Mylight night light in your child’s room helps to provide them with a sense of comfort that will assist them to sleep through the night. 
  • Night lights have been proven to help children sleep better.
  • A Mylight night light gives off the perfect amount of ambient light to assist with night-time feeds and changes.
  • Mylight night lights provide the perfect source of light for parents, making it safe to check on your little ones without waking them up.
  • Mylight night lights are built to last!
  • Our night lights help your child recognize their name from a very young age.
  • A night light provides a light source for your child if they need to get up through the night. Usually, they can go to the toilet and return to bed without disturbing the parent.
  • Mylight night lights are powered by electricity and therefore you will NEVER need to replace batteries. The internal light strip is an energy efficient LED light. 
  • A Mylight night light does not give off any heat and is completely safe to leave turned on all night long.
  • Mylight night lights are personalised to suit your own décor tastes and you can have any spelling of any name on the night light.