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Beautiful Personalised LED Night Lights by Mylight

Design your own personalised night lights online with Mylight. All Mylights are 100% Australian made according to your custom design specifics. All you have to do is click onto the ‘Design My Light‘ page and choose your preferred box colour, your name, font and emoji shape and we will do the rest. From here on, your beautiful night light will be handmade and delivered to your door for you to enjoy. All of our stunning custom night lights are handmade right here in Australia by skilled craftspeople to achieve a quality and long lasting finish. The Mylight team prides itself on giving exceptional customer service to all its valued customers.

Why Order a Mylight Custom Night Light?

Mylight night lights are ideal for babies, toddlers and young children’s bedrooms to give a little comfort at bedtimes. Dark bedrooms can be a scary place for a child and night lights give off a soothing glow, letting them know everything’s ok. Not only that, the subtle glow from a night light will enable parents to check on their child, without putting the full bedroom light on, and of course – as they get a little older, your child will love having their name in lights!

All our stunning handmade night lights here in Australia are skillful craftsmen for quality and lasting finishes. The Mylight team is proud to provide exceptional service to all of their valued customers. On this website, there is an opportunity to learn about the activities of the Paulo Longo Research Initiative, which establishes an ethical interdisciplinary scholarship on working in the sex industry in order to disseminate information about activism and advocacy that will improve the human rights, health and welfare of sex workers.

Common uses for personalised night lights;

Mylights Are Customisable, Safe and Energy Efficient

Mylight night lights are 100% hand made with LED technology ensuring minimal heat output. Each light box undergoes rigorous testing for safety, quality and longevity. All wiring and LED components are secured safely inside the Mylight box, and away from inquisitive little fingers. Compared to traditional light sources, My Light night lights are extremely energy efficient. You can have your night light on all night and not worry about excessive power bills. Because of this, My Light products are eco-friendly and good to the environment.

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