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Design My Light


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First time designing your custom Mylight?
Using this helpful guide, we'll walk you through all of the available tools to help make your Mylight shine!

Use the arrows to navigate through these steps.
Editing the Name
Simply double-click on the 'Name' text to begin creating your custom Mylight.

Basic Editing
Use the handy tools located on the bounding box of the element to rotate and resize. Simply click and drag an element to your desired position.

Text Options
The top-section of the toolbar gives the options for letter spacing, text editing and a wide range of font options.

Rotate, Position & Reset
The bottom-section of the toolbar allows you to rotate, change position, flip and reset the selected element.

Extra Text, Emojis,
Box Colour & Light Style
There are a range of additional options that allow you to make your Mylight stand out. Add extra text, insert emojis, change the box colour and select our optional RGB LED light.

Additional Controls
Finally, make use of the designer controls to preview, launch the guided tour, undo, redo and completely reset your Mylight.