Mylight Prices

Mylight is a high quality, hand made product produced right here in Australia!

Price List

Price (all prices include delivery)

Basic Mylight Box colours:  $ 129.95 (inc GST) includes standard warm white internal LED light.

Premium Mylight Box Colours:  $139.95 (inc GST) includes standard warm white internal LED light.

Optional Extras

RGB light type with remote control:  + $39.95 (Add some extra colour and effects to your Mylight by adding the RGB LED and remote control).

Emojie Shapes: $10.00 (inc GST) for each emojie added to your design.

Additional Emojies: + $10.00 ea (providing there is enough room left on the Mylight light box, you can add extra emojies. Please bear in mind that there are size restrictions. If the size of the shape is too small – definition will be lost and you could risk the emojie shape being distorted or looking different from your original design layout due to the cutting blade not being able to make the contoured cut according to the small size).

Express post:  + $25.00 per Mylight

International Post:  + $35.00* minimum (check your country for price or contact us at [email protected] )

Payment Options: PayPal, Credit Card – Mastercard or Visacard, Afterpay.

*All Prices in AUD

All Mylight Night lights are Handmade from the highest quality materials. A Mylight is not a cheap plastic product, it is made right here in Australia by Australian’s. A Mylight is built with love for your child and will be with them for MANY years to come.

All prices include shipping Australia wide and GST

Your Mylight comes complete with the choice of a warm white internal light (standard) or a coloured RGB LED light with remote control which changes colour according to your setting and personal preference. It also has a 12V toggle switch to turn it on and off.