What is a Mylight Nightlight?

Nightlights designed by you, created by us...

Mylight is a nightlight. It can be a nightlight for your baby or a nightlight for your kids. Every child LOVES a Mylight night light.

At Mylight, we specialize in creating high quality handmade night lights. Every Mylight night light is made with care to ensure that it will last for many years to come. On average, a Mylight night light will last between 5-10 years or even longer! Not only do we pride ourselves on our beautiful night light product, but we also pride ourselves on providing the best customer service throughout your experience and beyond.

Mylight’s founder, Greg Vowles is the inventor of the Mylight concept. Since the first personalised name night light was created in 2008, Mylight has been providing a wonderful experience to customers, who have been able to design their night lights online using our unique online designer. The most common uses for a Mylight night light are:

  • A beautiful child’s night light. By providing a small amount of ambient light, Mylight night lights are suitable for night time feeds and nappy changes. In later years, it is a perfect kids night light and will give comfort to toddlers or children who may be afraid of the dark.
  • A great nursery décor item for any child’s room. Not only does the night light look fantastic, but our name night lights also encourage children to recognise their name from an early age.
  • A unique gift idea, excellent for baby shower gifts or a special gift for birthdays or Christmas (we do gift certificates). Everyone who received a Mylight night light is thrilled!

Our aim is to provide you with a simple and pleasurable shopping experience – so we provide you with an easy-to-use online design tool that helps you create your very own designer night light from the comfort of your own home or office.

Online ordering of your night light is simple, and your purchase is usually dispatched within 10-15 working days of your order placement. If you require the Mylight sooner, simply email us at [email protected] and we do our best to ensure we meet your request on time** (conditions apply)