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LED Night Lights

Mylight illuminate night lights and light boxes uisng LED lighting. The benfit of using LED lighting in our lightboxes include:

  • Energy Effieciency: LED night lights use minimal power as compared to traditional light sources. This means you can have your LED night light on all night, without worrying about hefty power consumption. 
  • Brightness: An added benefit of LED night lights is brightness and illumination spead. With our optional RGB remote you have the option of dimming LED night light brightness to ensure just the right ammount ot suit your space. 
  • Longevity: LED technology used in mylight custom lightboxes and night lights have an expected lifespan of 50 000 hours. This equates to around 10 years with normal use, making mylight the perfect gift that lasts forever. 
  • Eco Friendly: Due to the low energy consumption, longevity and minimal heat output, mylight LED night lights are eco friendly. Mylight is commited to providing LED night lights that are sustainable, manufactured with he environment in mind. 
  • Safety: LED light boxes produce minimal heat. This ensures safety when using mylight as a nursery night light or as a kids night light. 
  • Customisable (and Fun): With a mylight optional RGB control you can adjust LED lighting to differentiate between colours, effects and speed transitions. This makes mylight a fun LED night light that will match your decor, not matter how often you change it.

A Quality Focus

Mylight is commited to providing personalised night lights, bar lights and custom lightboxes using the highest grade materials available. This incudes LED lighting technology for night lights that promote safety, longevity and sustainability. 





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