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Safe Night Lights

Mylight provide safe night nights constructed to the highest quality specification. Mylight night lights and lightboxes undergo rigorous testing to ensure safety, quality and longevity.

Safe Night Lights For Babies and Kids

Mylight night lights are safe for babies, kids and in the nursery. LED technology ensures minimal heat output, meaning no chance of any nasty burns or unexpected fires. Mylight provide safe light weight night light with no sharp or unfinished edges. This is to provide a safe night that is durable enough to last a lifetime.

Added to the safety of our night lights is encapsulated electrical components. All wiring, tranformers and LED components are enclosed in the shell of the box, making it safe for the most inquisitive kid. 

Power Safety

Mylights use a very low current 12V power pack to drive the LED light source, and are safe to leave switched on for extended periods of time. However, we do recommend you turn your Mylight off during the day to conserve energy.

Light Source Safety

Minimal heat is created by the LED light strip, making it safe to leave your Mylight switched on for extended periods.

Product Safety

While all care is taken to ensure our product is safe, it is best to keep out of the reach of small children. Mylights weigh about 2kg, which can be quite heavy for a small child.


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