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Rashoodz Swimwear For Babies And Children

Rashoodz Swimwear For Babies And Children

When two clever mums saw that there was a need for swimwear that addressed the needs of mums and their kids, Rashoodz was born. The result is the patented Rashoodz designed swimsuit that has a legionnaire’s hat attached to the collar by clips. This stops the little ones from taking their hat off constantly. If the hat does eventually manage to get taken off, it won’t be thrown from the pram never to be seen again, because it’s attached to the collar of the swimsuit.

One of the other important points of difference with Rashoodz swimwear is the clips in the crotch of the baby swimsuits, which allows for fuss-free nappy changes. And if you’re using one of our baby swim nappies underneath, you’ll never have to worry about leakages or embarrassing moments at the pool again!

Getting Back To Basics

Our Basics Range is super cute. The same great high quality of our Mid-Range but in plain cute colours. UPF50+, chlorine and fade resistant, this swimsuit will last and last. Matching award winning reusable swim nappy and swim hat available
Also available at Chemist Warehouse Stores across Australia.

The Questions We Get Asked The Most

Do I need to put a nappy under Rashoodz swim nappy?
And the answer is NO!

Rashoodz Reusable Swim Nappies

Rashoodz Swimwear has gold award winning reusable swim nappies that keep in wees and poos. Our reusable swim nappies have a polyurethane lining which acts as a barrier, preventing anything from escaping to where it shouldn’t. With a drawstring and gathered leg design they are comfortable and fit your bub perfectly without letting anything escape. We are so proud of our product that we regularly enter it into competitions judged by industry professionals and mummies themselves. Remember don’t change over the Rashoodz reusable swim nappy until right before entering the water. They only do their job when submerged.

How To Clean A Reusable Swim Nappy

Once bub has finished swimming and perhaps has done a wee or poo inside the swim nappy. Empty any yukky bits in to the toilet and flush away. Place the swim nappy into a protected bag for the trip home. When home and wash and it is ready to use again. Grab your reusable swim nappy today! 

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Love Rashoodz



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