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Five amazing tips from a sleep specialist that will help get your little one back to sleep.

5 sleep tips


We were contacted just this week by Tara Mitchell from The Gentle Sleep Specialist. Tara's mission is to  restore harmony, sanity and happiness to families struggling with their little ones sleep.
As a certified sleep consultant, mother and paediatric nurse, Tara has comprehensive training to help you get your little one sleeping through the night. We thought this was a perfect opportunity for her to share with you all some of her most talked about discussion points and tips she might have for you all. Tara has a link to her facebook page and email adress at the end of this article should you want to find out any more information. She is more than happy to answer any questions or problems you might be having over on her facebook page also.

Hi all, Tara here from The Gentle Sleep Specialist. Here to help with one of the most talked about topics when it comes to baby's....Sleep! As a paediatric nurse, mother and qualified infant and toddler sleep consultant, I am giving you some of my top tips to get your little ones on the right track to healthy sleep habits.

  1. Create predictability and consistency around sleep.  Some examples of this may be, having a bedtime routine that includes using a night light to have a story before bed, having an early bedtime and allowing your baby opportunities to sleep in their own regular safe sleep space.
  2. Be aware of your toddler’s subtle ways to take control of bedtime and push boundaries around bed.
  3. Over tired babies are sometimes hard to spot.  They can present as wired, hyper and commonly fight sleep.
  4. Choose what role you wish to play in your baby's sleep and think ahead.  No matter which settling style you wish to use, whether it be patting, feeding, rocking, independent sleep or using a dummy to get your little one to sleep. Be mindful that after the newborn period, the role you choose or play can often become what they associate with sleep. 
  5. Keep bedtime positive!

Sleep plays a vital role in the physical and mental health of the entire family unit.  If you are experiencing issues with your infant or toddlers sleep, don't just resign yourself to the belief that he or she may be that type of baby or it must be ongoing teething. I am still yet to work with a baby or toddler who hasn't thrived off healthy sleep habits.

Sweet Dreams
Tara xx

Like Tara's page on facebook, The Gentle Sleep Specialist and contact her at if you would like more guidance, education and support to get sleep sorted she is more than happy to help out.

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