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This one tip could revolutionise your child’s sleep.

Help your child go to sleep using this simple tip.

As a parent to three amazing children we have had a lot of experience in the night time shenanigans kids put on at bed time. With over 3100 times of putting our children to sleep (who’s counting LOL) we have heard, seen and tried it all.

We have tried all the tricks, warm milk, endless stories (although this is fun), singing lullaby’s, fulfilling the millions of requests for drinks, food, checking the closet for the boogie monster you name it. After many failed attempts to succeed in getting our children to actually sleep at a reasonable hour we talked with our child’s paediatrician. He asked about our night time routine. We thought, it could not possibly be this! Our night time routine was the same as many families in Australia. Dinner, homework, bath, TV/a couple of video games then off to bed. But there was something about this routine that was indeed affecting our children’s sleep. The paediatrician proceeded to inform us about what’s going on when children watch TV or play video games just before bed.

The light emitted from electronic devices is within the blue spectrum of light. This “glow” from electronics can delay a child’s ability to relax off to sleep. The small amounts of light from these devices pass through the retina into a part of the hypothalamus (the area of the brain that controls several sleep activities) and can delay the release of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. (melatonin is a hormone that occurs naturally in the body that builds up before bedtime and helps to get you to sleep). All together, our way of winding down at night is actually causing our children to become more wound up!

This one tip has changed our house hold for the better in the evenings. No more kid’s getting out of bed 1000 times before going off to sleep. No more having them call out “I can’t sleep”, “I’m not tired”. This one tip (no screen time after dinner) has helped our family have more fun family time in the evening, with the added bonus of helping our children easily fall into a more restful and full night’s sleep. Everyone is happy.

Here are a couple of tips we have learnt that may help.

•    Try limiting your own screen time around the children
•    setting screen time guidelines according to the ages of children in your family
•    Offering alternatives to screen time, try to use TV for the times when you need to get things done.
•    Keeping TVs computers and devices in family spaces and out of your child’s bedroom
•    Use a night light that allows you to choose the colour of the light (red light works best to not interrupt the hypothalamus
•    Engage the kids in games like hide and seek or even board games are good
•    Read a story together before bed. We have all been getting into Harry Potter.

What is your number 1 sleep tip

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