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At Mylight we help you to create your own personalised nightlight. Our nightlights are manufactured and made right here in Australia. You design your nightlight online and we hand make your nightlight to your design and deliver it to your door. We make nightlights for all kids of all ages. Order your nightlight by selecting design Mylight tab at the top of the menu. If you would like us to help you with your nightlight design please email us at 

Mylight was founded in 2009 by Greg and Vanessa Vowles. In 2009 the very first Mylight nightlight was made and now their are Mylight nightlights in 1000's of childrens rooms across the country. 

Mylight name nightlights were invented originally after the birth of our first child, we came into the market for a well-made night light that would help with regular night-time feeds and nappy changes. We found that there were many night lights available, but many nightlights were unattractive, didn’t provide enough light or were just badly made.

Refusing to be disheartened, Greg used his background in electronics and expertise as a sign writer to get busy in the workshop. After many, many tweaks, the first mylight nightlight prototype was born, the nightlights design was inspired by our nursery decor.

The response from family and friends to this initial nightlight prototype was amazing, and we quickly realised that mylight nightlights were a unique product that didn’t exist anywhere else in the world. With a lot of encouragement and support, we became entrepreneurs and embarked on our mylight nightlight journey, launching our Australian-designed and manufactured product through our customised online store.

Thanks to the great success of our business locally, mylight have now expanded to ship our nightlights internationally so we can share our unique nightlight product with you all.

We get great satisfaction out of making high quality nightlights that people love and that are built to last. We are always here to help, so feel free to contact us via email.


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